Wednesday, 21 February 2018

What Difference Does it Make (Part 2)?

Terence Stamp, from 'The Collector'
Next week sees the second Difference Festival hosted by the University of Westminster. There are some absolute treats there and the team have done a brilliant job devising an eclectic mix of events focussed on Soho. I blogged last year trying to give some context to what difference means to us under the banner 'What Difference does it Make?', hence the 'Part 2' addition to this post. All the events are free, the festival starts on Monday 26th February and its open to all so please come along.
Last week I appeared on Pete Paphides' Soho Radio show to talk about the festival, the show is available here. In tandem with this Pete put out a call for 'Songs about Soho' so we might make a playlist. As with his wonderful Station to Station feature, we got some brilliant Soho songs, which I have put together on this spotify playlist. I won't explain all of the references and links, some can be found by looking at Pete's twitter timeline and others explained in the show itself, but whilst it includes the obvious, yet still brilliant, it also celebrates the tangential and often personal takes of listeners to Soho Radio. Pete may well put together a more beautifully curated and crafted one in due course, but I wanted to put this one out there before the festival starts.

What you get to hear is Soho with a Difference you might say.

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