Thursday, 19 December 2013

Latest Doctor Who revealed, fighting fashion law and more

Our Centre ran a number of events in 2013 including a great series of lectures on music industry contracts by Robert Allan, sessions on sports broadcasting and contemporary issues in sports law by Daniel Geey,  and a conversation and acoustic session from Tom Hingley. We are now delighted to be able to announce details of the first tranche for 2104, more details here, all welcome but if not Westminster staff or student make sure you RSVP as detailed. Lots of great events coming up but I want to highlight two in particular now. First, I blogged and tweeted recently about Dr Who, and would like to offer a reminder that Danny Nicol is hosting a screening of Episode 10 of the War Games and discussing some of its finer points in January. 
Patrick Troughton and friends  
I am indebted to his friends at London Metropolitan University, where Danny recently gave a talk, for the poster below, with the man himself revealed as the latest Doctor!  
Secondly, great friend of the Centre Dave Griffiths, purveyor of fashion for the fearless and stand up comedian extraoirdinaire is reprising his sold out 2013 Edinburgh Show C U In Court for us; a blockbuster of a show detailing his escapades fighting on the frontiers of fashion. This is offered, for free, by the Westminster Law School at the University, and held  in the space where Jimi Hendrix first climbed up on a UK stage to jam with Cream. What are you waiting for! Reminder, you need to register if external to University, see above.

More details of other future events including a workshop on the regulation of sport agents to follow.