Thursday, 21 October 2010

Bronco Bullfrog

Yesterday we screened Bronco Bullfrog, Barney Platts-Mills' classic 1970 film set in the East end of London, that has been described as a lost mod classic and has acquired cult status. The context for this screening was that it marked the 40th anniversary of its first screening at what is now known as the Old Cinema at  the University of Westminster  in October 1970. As has previously been written on the blog, for example around the passing of Tony Tenser, the University of Westminster has a long and celebrated history as regards film, and the University is currently trying to raise funds to restore 'The birthplace of British Cinema'. Bronco was re released as a digital print some months ago and I and an esteemed colleague, Alex  Sinclair, himself no stranger to the 1970s, were able to show not only Barney Platts-Mills, but also Sam Shepherd (aka Bronco himself!) and Roy Haywood (Roy), around the Old Cinema, bringing back a lot of memories for them all. The trailer of the film can be found here and the DVD, blu-ray and (excellent) soundtrack provided by The Audience,  can of course be found at all good stockists.