Friday, 31 January 2014

Around the blogs - Responsible Tweeting and Ambush Marketing

Whilst I have not written a blog here for a while I have not been completely idle. In December I wrote a piece for The Justice Gap, an excellent resource looking at the interface between law and justice and aimed squarely at as wide an audience as possible.  My piece was entitled The Responsible Tweeter and did exactly what it said on the tin, looking at some broader issues around tweeting and whether law provides the answer. 

Also, whilst not a blog, along with my colleague Mark James I wrote a piece this week for the excellent Law in Sport. This took the form of an article, and indeed was refereed, but is still aimed at a wider public rather than being confined to a more academic audience. The piece is about the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, and in particular the Principle 6 campaign against the homophobic laws in Russia and the possible relevance of ambush marketing. The piece, entitled 'The Missing Link: the coming out of ambush marketing', is available here. We hope to have a new piece, also on Sochi 2014 and probably looking at protest, out soon and will post details here as soon as this is available.